Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Innovative external waterproofing project

Lob Lane Mill, Brierfield, Burnley.

This old mill has been divided up to make 8 separate canal side apartments.  The problem is that they recently had some water ingress through the pediments at the canal side of the mill which is causing rain water staining to the plaster board ceilings of the bedrooms which overlook the canal.

Peter Cox Ltd were approached by the client to give them a quote for external waterproofing works to the 10 pediments.  They enquired whether we had a suitable product which would not cause a problem to windows below, and would not pollute the canal by dripping.

Peter Cox Ltd has now carried out basement waterproofing works to all apartments with pumps and channels. An external waterproofing and thermal insulation product called DryWall Thermotek was also recommended as it’s thicker (more viscous) than other external waterproofing products on the market and it only requires one coat.

As the scaffold had been removed, works to the pediments were going to be difficult.  The plan was to hire a crane with a basket that can hold two men which can be used and set up from the “Dry side” of the building.

Luckily the weather stayed in our favour along with the wind (weather not the Technicians) and the contract was finished in one day with the client very happy.

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