Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Basement Waterproofing: a great investment

Waterproofing your basement prevents water ingress and reduces the risk of   mould growth.

Recently, we’ve become accustomed to stories about heavy rainfall and flash floods. This can lead to raising of the water table and, hence, dampness and water ingress. Water ingress can  lead to:
  • Damage to the building structure
  • Damage to structural timbers
  • Damage to furniture and fittings
  • Loss of living and working space
  • Toxic moulds and mildew
  • Timber defects such as wet rot, dry rot and woodworm infestations

Water in the basement signifies a problem and action should be taken.

Waterproofing increases living and working space

If your basement is damp and mouldy, then you can’t use it for increased living, working and storage space.

By implementing a waterproofing system in the basement, we can keep it dry. Therefore we can make a major increase to the amount of space in our house or workplace. 

Increased living space leads to an increase in the value of your property.

US Studies have shown that a basement water problem can reduce the value of a home by 25% or more. The increased value resulting from waterproofing gives a straightforward payback.

Waterproofing prevents mould growth.

Dampness can lead to mould growth: dampness and mould can lead to health problems. Moulds are naturally occurring fungi and their presence in buildings is encouraged by dampness and condensation. Mould growth has long been associated with ill health, particularly among the young, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Basement waterproofing works by creating a dry environment in your basement walls and keeping the moisture at bay. For mould and wood rot to form there has to be a source of moisture therefore waterproofing eliminates the opportunity for fungi to get a foothold in the property and keep it away - permanently. 
Basement waterproofing survey
To get your cellar or basement ready for renovation you need to control the moisture entering the building. After conversion you will also have to consider ventilating your new dry space. Each of these will prove vital to rid your basement of any dampness and maintain a dry building.

Professional help is essential for waterproofing your cellar or basement, click for a basement waterproofing survey. Peter Cox Ltd will send an experienced surveyor will visit your property. He or she will identify the causes of water ingress, and advise you of the best solutions and costs. Solutions can be for all sizes of basement from large underground spaces to small areas. Installations that comply with BS8102 carry a 10 year basement waterproofing guarantee.