Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Peter Cox to contibute to RICS Building Defects Services Seminars

Peter Cox will be contributing to a series of RICS Building Defects seminars on 22 February 2012 in the East of England and 16 May 2012 in Birmingham.

Topics will be illustrated by practical case studies and include:

·    The science of water. A look at why water is so complicated and why it is often ignored.
·    Fundamental principles relating to water as a liquid and as a gas – hygroscopicity, vapour, pressure, capillarity, humidity etc.
·    How to observe defects.
·     Methods of investigation – diagnostic equipment and methodologies.
·     Bringing it all together – rising dampness.
·    Technical mechanism of rising damp.
·    Sampling and diagnosis of rising damp using Digest 245 (or not).
·    How to approach cases of damp.
·    Condensation and mould. Why it is more complicated than most people think.
·    Interstitial condensation and the application of insulation to solid walls.
·    A look at some practical case studies. Commercial and domestic.
·    Applying the principles and reporting.

More details will follow soon.

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