Thursday, 24 November 2011

Peter Cox gets an A+ at Coatbridge School

Peter Cox have recently completed another prestigious refurbishment project. This time, helping turn the listed Coatbridge High School buildings into one primary school and one special needs school.

The work, for North Lanarkshire Council's Education Department, included the installation of a full damp proof course injection and mass irrigation against dry rot across 2000 square metres of walling. In addition 4,000 square metres of roof timbers were treated against woodworm infestation with repairs needed to 40 joist ends, the roof purlins and decking. The main technicians were Jimmy McAtasney and Stuart Barr.

The story dates back to September 2009 when CRGP Architects requested a site survey. Charlie Wilson spent six days going through the property with a fine-toothed comb and attended all the design meetings. Charlie's report was then included in Graham Construction's tender documents, helping them to secure the contract.

Along with Peter Cox, Wise Property Care and Richardson & Starling were invited to quote for the essential property treatments. Charlie and Manager Gary invested a further four days re-surveying the property. As usual, Charlie’s dogged determination came into play as he then chased the Contractor every second day for 3 months.  

Says Gary Bouse, "In January 2011 the final price was agreed but there were yet more hurdles to overcome as our competitors vied against us. We focused our attention solely on how we would contract and supervise the job."

"Eventually that focus paid off. The design team wanted us to do the work, we thought solely because of our persistence, pin-sharp pricing and professional approach. Our professional approach appeared to be the clincher for the deal. Apparently, this actually reinforced the site managers' belief in us and they actively pushed for us to be appointed!"

It just took going back to Coatbridge School to remind us of the professional advantage we have over our competition and to ensure that we continue to maintain our high standards!"

Peter Cox have since consulted on further measures to protect this beautiful, listed property long term. Thanks to the performance of the Technicians on the Coatbridge site, Peter Cox have also been recommended for further projects. John McHugh, Construction Director at Graham Construction, has advised that Peter Cox is now their preferred contractor.

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